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Cinema Satyricon

Nueva Ubicación en Mi Chef Kristof

Segundo piso Parque del Periodista (Avenida Luzuriag Cuadra 6)


Jueves 22 de Julio a las 8:00 p.m.

La Dolce Vita

Federico Fellini, Italia, 1961                       Italian with English subtitles

Winner of Academy awards and the Grand Prize at Cannes, Federico Fellini’s masterpiece gave the world the term “paparazzi” and catapulted Fellini to the pantheon of visionary directors. Marcello Mastroianni stars as tabloid reporter Marcello, a role that made him an international sensation.  Marcello’s beat is Rome’s international jet-set, an exotic world indelibly brought to life by Fellini’s iconic images and composer Nino Rota’s classic score.  One of the most influential films of all time.


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